CowLog - code behaviors from digital video

Cowlog 2.

CowLog 2 is the old release of the software that is not developed further, but it remains to be available for Download. It has 2 separate version with slightly different features.

Desktop version

Installs on your computer and has direct access to your file system. Updated March 2013.

Core features:

  • Written in Python and uses PyQt4-toolkit. Tested with Python 2.7.3 and Python 3.3 and PyQt4 4.84.
  • Can use MPlayer or VLC-player to show the videos.
  • Tested using Windows7, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7.0.
  • This is currently only packaged for Windows, if you need a package for Mac or some Linux distribution consider contributing it yourself.

Web version

Runs in web browser so you don't need to download a dedicated program. You can find it from

Core features:

  • Uses native HTML5 video or VLC to play the videos and has support for all common codecs and many less common codecs
  • Cross-platform: Linux, Windows and Mac OS X using Firefox or Chrome
  • Runs in client side so it can be used offline
  • Written using Javascript and HTML
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