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Cowlog 3 is here.

CowLog 3 is the latest version of CowLog released on 11th January 2016. It is based on HTML5 and Javascript packaged with the Electron and reuses a lot code from the old web version.

It has the following advantages over the previous version:

  • Better configuration and editing of existing configurations
  • Better output format for modifiers
  • Freely user selectable shortcut keys
  • Comes with VLC player bundled on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Supports Windows 10
  • The applications is now also packaged for Mac

The Electron framework also allows for easier packaging of the application and Mac OS X packages is now also available. One the aims is this version is that maintaining and supporting it will be easier and that the application will offer similar experience on diffent platforms. This is also the only version I currently plan to support in the future, however the old versions will remain available and open for anyone to modify and make new releases.

Report your experience

Report bugs on Github. tracker and give feedback on cowlog-users group. Or you can send it privately to me matti.pastell(a) .

Participate on development

If you’d like to contribute code or documentation you can do it on Github.

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